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Q&A with Enoch Smith: Rebuilding Houston

Downbeat Magazine Q&A with Enoch Smith: Rebuilding Houston

Welcome to misfitme music

A few years ago, along with my musical cohorts, I got a vision of a way to connect music lovers, supporters and music makers while simultaneously providing musicians the opportunity to serve communities in crisis all over the globe.​ 

​You see, I've been working in the business of music since 1996 and I've seen the heart of so many talented artists who lack the support needed to  share their gifts effectively with the world.  One thing most artists have in common is the desire to help and care for communities in crisis. 

One day it came to me.  The music we create is a by-product of our heart for the conditions that exist in this world.  The value is in PEOPLE.  If we support and value people, our world will thrive and healing can occur. 

In response to this divine idea, together we've launched this Music Recording Label founded on the idea of service. 

Each project released on MisfitMe Music is connected to a community service project and/or charitable organization chosen by the recording artist. ​

Join us on the journey?

Enoch Smith Jr.